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Financial Repayment Insurance

Loan repayments are difficult if you have to take time off work. If that's due to illness or injury, unemployment as a result of redundancy, retrenchment, or your employer ceasing to operate, eric’s Financial Repayment Insurance (FRI) can help you cover the loan repayments to your financier, making sure that your payments are sorted and you can focus on getting yourself back on your feet!

Disability - sickness & accident

For each day you are continuously unable to work due to disability, illness or injury, excluding the first 21 days, as certified by a medical practitioner, we will pay 1/30th of the monthly repayment for every day you are unable to work.

Involuntary unemployment

If you become unemployed as a result of being made redundant, retrenched, or your employer ceasing to operate we can help you with your loan repayments, excluding the first 21 days. We will pay 1/30th of the monthly repayment for up to 6 monthly repayments.

Complications due to pregnancy

If you experience complications as a result of your pregnancy prior to your maternity leave or complications that extend past your maternity leave which prevents your ability to return to work, where certified by a medical practitioner and your employer, we can help relieve some of your financial stress by helping you with your monthly loan repayments. We will pay 1/30th of the monthly repayment for every day you are unable to work up to a 6 month period or until you are able to return to work.

* Refer to the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) for full terms, conditions, exclusions and key factors that influence the cost of the product.

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